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Field Guide Series
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Duty, Honor, Hope
Strategies for Understanding & Unpacking First Responder Grief
Author: Beth L. Hewett, PhD, CT, CCISM, CEOLS

"Without question, this is the best book I have ever seen on the topic of grief." - George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP

In Duty, Honor, Hope: Strategies for Understanding and Unpacking First Responder Grief, Dr. Beth L. Hewett uses the lived experiences of 21 first responders, offering a practical approach to a subject many people don’t discuss: grief, grieving, and intentional mourning.
Griefs stemming from critical incidents often go unmourned, accumulating and stacking up, and eventually overflowing. She teaches a first response action approach to address stacked up griefs and prevent them from reaccumulating.

The beautiful cover artwork "Returning to Light" was painted by Shawn McCowell.

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Peer Paracounseling (PPC)
Quick Reference Cards

We're excited to offer a brand new set of Quick Reference Cards created by Dr. George Everly and Ms. Cherie Castellano!

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Peer Paracounseling (PPC) is an advanced form of peer psychological support. Following a step-by-step model is believed to enhance outcome. These 8 Quick Reference Cards provide a guide with helpful hints.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Psychological Crisis Intervention
A Practical Review of Research
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM

Do you find research in the fields of psychological crisis intervention and disaster mental health confusing? Well, it is! But just because it’s confusing doesn’t mean it’s not important… it’s critical in policy formation, program development, and practical application. This practical guide to understanding research relevant to CISM is essential reading for anyone working in any aspect of emergency mental health and disaster response.

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Psychological Body Armor™
Lessons from Neuroscience That Can Save Your Career, Your Marriage, and Your Life
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. But imagine if there was a way to "immunize" yourself from the stress of adversity. First responders, first receivers, disaster responders, public health professionals, and military members, to mention a few, are exposed to situations that can cause physical injury. As a result, they wear physical body armor and PPE for protection. At the same time, they are exposed to situations that can cause psychological injury. Shouldn't they also learn to use Psychological Body Armor™ for protection? Based on the latest relevant science, this book shows you how.

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The Resilient Child
Seven Essential Lessons and Practical Tips for Building Happiness, Success, and Social Intelligence
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM

How many children suffer because they were never taught to handle the stress of competition, bullying, and the pressure to fit in? Stress, depression, and anxiety are epidemic amongst children today. More than any other life skill, resilience may be the most important and yet most frequently overlooked skill for children and teenagers to learn. This book is a practical guide to teaching them how to thrive in times of challenge, adversity, and even failure.

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1. Rest-Information-Transition-Services
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM, Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM

Equip your students with essential crisis response skills using this engaging video on Rest Intervention Transition Services (RITS) featuring the creator of C.I.S.M, Dr. Jeffrey Mitchell, and the co-founder of ICISF, Dr. George Everly.

Whether teaching crisis counseling, social work, psychology, or continuing education, this video demonstrates the RITS model for stabilizing and supporting emergency and military personnel in a large-scale operation or disaster.

It features real-world depictions of each stage of the approach for immediately de-escalating distress and facilitating connections to ongoing care.


2. Crisis Management Briefing
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM, Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM

When crises strike, ensure your students are prepared with this engaging Crisis Management Briefing (CMB) video.

Incorporating dynamic role-play illustrating the CMB framework in action, this high-impact and versatile instructional tool will build critical skills for information dissemination, anticipatory guidance for signals of distress, and contacts for future intervention needs.

Ideal for courses on emergency management, crisis team continuing education, and more, this video demonstrates a proven model for addressing unexpected community and emergency service crises through effective coordination, communication, and rumor-control. 

Empower the next generation of leaders to handle crises with confidence.


3. Defusing
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM, Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM

Help your students master crucial techniques for supporting personnel immediately after critical incidents with this engaging Defusing video.

Ideal for courses in crisis intervention, social work, psychology, and first responder training, this video brings evidence-based defusing protocols to life through a realistic demonstration, depicting implementation of immediate peer support, assessment, and stabilization post-crisis across high-stress occupations.

Empower your trainees to provide psychological first aid when it matters most. Let their preparation for the realities of practice begin with this high-impact Defusing video.


4. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM, Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM

Equip your students with proven strategies for crisis intervention using this engaging Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) training video.

Ideal for courses in psychology, social work, counseling, emergency response, and more, this video brings evidence-based protocols to life through an expert demonstration.

The scenario reinforces facilitation skills for processing trauma, assessing needs, fostering resilience, and coordinating support after crises. This essential tool will empower your trainees to participate in structured group debriefings when it matters most.

Prepare students today with this indispensable CISD video!