Psychological First Aid (PFA)

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Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) & Psychological Crisis Intervention
A Practical Review of Research
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM

Do you find research in the fields of psychological crisis intervention and disaster mental health confusing? Well, it is! But just because it’s confusing doesn’t mean it’s not important… it’s critical in policy formation, program development, and practical application. This practical guide to understanding research relevant to CISM is essential reading for anyone working in any aspect of emergency mental health and disaster response.

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The SAFER-R Model
Psychological Crisis Intervention
Author: George S. Everly, Jr., PhD, ABPP, CCISM, Author: Jeffrey T. Mitchell, PhD, CCISM

The SAFER-R ModelPsychological Crisis Intervention serves as a practical field guide to the SAFER-R model of psychological first aid (PFA). It is written in digest and outline form, for providing psychological crisis intervention to individuals. This guide is designed for use by emergency services and military peer support, educators, medical and nursing professionals, as well as mental health clinicians.

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